Caloundra and Maroochydore offices

Why choose Sargent Baldwin Lawyers?


We understand small to medium business

We get you. We understand the unique challenges of small to medium business, and understand the markets you deal in, whether this is tourism, leisure, retail or commercial.


Value for money and costs consciousness

At the beginning of every matter we will discuss costs with you – and make sure you feel you are getting good value solutions. Unlike some practices, we won’t do unnecessary work so we can bill you more: we work with you to agree on a scope and price. We use our smarts and commercial nous to help save you money.


Quick turnaround and responsiveness

We understand why so many people get frustrated with lawyers and we are determined to be different. We focus on quick turnaround and prompt response to communications. We won’t drag things out and we will keep you informed every step of the way.


Service guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive quality service throughout your matter.
We cannot guarantee outcomes, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with our services. If at any time we do not perform to your satisfaction, or if you have any concerns or queries relating to our fees, we ask that you let us know.