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Disputes and Business Dissolutions

In every business, problems can arise between you and your customers, clients, suppliers and business partners.  Often the most costly part of resolving a dispute is the time spent in dealing with it instead of running your business.  Most disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently without the need of initiating legal proceedings, where the owners of the business have pre-empted possible issues before they happen.  At some point all businesses will come to an end, it is just a matter of when.  We accordingly recommend that you act before a dispute arises and put a plan in place to deal with those disputes.

At Sargent Baldwin Lawyers we have experience and skills to resolve the matter in a quick and costs effective way.

By putting certain agreements in place, costly disputes may be avoided.

A Partnership Agreement/Shareholders Agreement/Unit Holder Agreement

The above documents (depending on your structure) set out the process as to how one or more business owner sells or otherwise disposes of their interest in the business without the need for litigation.

Buy/Sell Agreement

An agreement normally funded by insurances to cover the event of one business owner passing on, having a major trauma or suffering permanent or temporary disability.  The loss of major fee earner and potential being forced to go into business with deceased or debilitated owner’s family can be devastating.